Prowadzący: Wiktoria Górecka
Termin: 03 października 2024
Godzina: 18:30
Czas trwania: 4 hours
Grupa: 8-16 people
Dostępność: 16 (liczba miejsc)


Jeśli chcecie Państwo obdarować kogoś oryginalnym prezentem, prosimy o dokładne podanie imienia i nazwiska osoby obdarowywanej. Specjalne, imienne zaproszenie wyślemy pocztą lub mailem pod adres zamawiającego lub inny podany w uwagach zamówienia.




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Do Thai flavors excite you? Are you eagerly anticipating a trip to Thailand, dreaming about its tastes at night? Start cooking your favorite dishes at home and, believe us, do it better than in restaurants! Perfect pad thai, ideally balanced curry, velvety soups, and finally, a sweet and salty

dessert – these are the dishes that will be your entry into the world of Thai cuisine, and you will master them effortlessly. During our workshops, we will not only share our tried-and-true recipes but, most importantly, teach you the crucial balance of flavors and how to compose dishes in a Thai style.

👉 During the course, we divide you into teams of up to 3 people, where you will cook all the dishes from the provided menu. Thanks to this group division, we can cook more and more efficiently.
👉 In our course, we only use original products, mostly the same ones used in Thailand. We are not fans of Polish substitutes. 
👉 A unique training atmosphere, during which we not only cook dishes but also have a great time, learn, and soak up the positive aura.
👉 Our instructors are specialists in their cuisines. They travel, taste, cook, and continuously develop their skills. Thanks to them, our training sessions are exceptional. 

👉 The ability to prepare up to five Thai dishes, along with cooking techniques and tips and tricks.
👉 You will learn which spices, vegetables, herbs, and sauces make the world fall in love with Thai cuisine. You will learn how to properly prepare and store them so they last longer.
👉 Enjoy the best Thai dishes in good company, and you can take home anything you don’t finish.
👉 Long-lasting friendships – thanks to the atmosphere we create together, our participants become friends and stay in touch!
👉 A discount on purchases in our store.

🟩 Very nice course, interestingly presented – the dishes are very tasty. The instructor and assistant were very engaged! Thank you, it was great.
🟩 Great adventure with the flavors of Thailand. The course was conducted very clearly and understandably. The materials were prepared excellently. 
🟩 I really liked the general tips on preparing dishes.


Miejsce: Skład Bananów, ul. Postępu 5, Warsaw

Practical Classes:

🍜 Tom Yum Goong – Spicy and sour shrimp soup
🍜 Pad Thai – Classic fried rice noodles with tofu and chicken
🍜 Kaeng Phet – Pork in red curry
🍜 Kluay Buat Chee – Bananas in coconut milk

As part of the training, you will receive:
✅ Training materials with recipes in electronic form
✅ Hot beverages (three types of loose leaf teas, aromatic coffee)
✅ Refreshing water with seasonal fruits and herbs
✅ An apron for the duration of the training
✅ Free parking space for the duration of the training
* In consideration of the environment, we encourage you to bring your own take-out containers

❗ You can attend the course with a gold or tropical package, or a voucher for Thai cuisine courses, world cuisines, or any selected course.

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